Practica is an interdisciplinary studio based in Bengaluru’s neighbourhoods. Fellows spend time learning in place, starting with how to observe and represent places socially, spatially, institutionally and in their built and material environment. They then move to analysis and proposition. Do the concepts taught in the theory classes really work in real neighbourhoods? How do we connect theory and practice in actual places? What methods allow us to analyse and interpret the world outside the classroom?

Working in inter-disciplinary groups, Fellows interact with critical stakeholders including government officials, entrepreneurs, civil society organisations, activists and citizens. Specific methods of documentation, representation, description and analysis (e.g. mapping, GIS, surveying, interviews and participant observation) are taught and applied. 

Fellows have explored various neighbourhoods in Bengaluru integrating diverse perspectives: ecological and economic transformations, social and cultural identity, urban regeneration, mobility, housing, ecological security and inclusive economic development.