Through the UFP, Fellows are equipped with high levels of technical, analytical and professional skills across disciplines and sectors. Commons skill labs are mandatory and represent the foundational inter-disciplinary skills of urban practice that all Fellows must have. These are designed for Fellows without any previous training in these skills. Fellows have a chance to apply many of these methods in the Practica. 

Elective skill labs then allow Fellows to choose which skills and methods to deepen their knowledge in. Skill labs are taught using an applied learning-by-doing methodology that also familiarises Fellows with softwares and technological platforms.

The range of Commons and Elective skill labs that have been taught in the UFP across the years are below.

Commons Skill Labs in the UFP
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Urban Data Analysis Spatial Appreciation
Framing the Inquiry Writing and the City
Spatial Analysis Roland Mendel
Media Skills Ethnographic Methodst
Electives Skill Labs in the UFP
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Writing for Digital Media and Academic Writing Advanced Ethnographic Methods
Working with Spatial Data Environmental and Social Impact Assessment
Project Management DIY Energy Audits
Advanced Media: Video Editing From Narrative to Argument
Podcasts Research Methodology and STATA
Data Visualisation Advanced Geospatial Lab
Proposal Writing From Raw Data to Insights: Urban Data Analysis using R
Longform Narratives: Writing for Craft and Context Designing and making a survey
Earth Observation Data and Methods for Monitoring Land and Water Resources Quantitative Thinking in Urban Research and Practice
Flood Risk Assessment and Mitigation using GIS and Remote Sensing