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The IIHS Core curriculum is a set of learning experiences, interactions and credit courses, grounded in experiential, local and traditional knowledges. These help build a set of capacities and sensibilities in the learner, that help them take responsibility for their own development.

These personal and professional capacities are developed through experiential learning, largely outside conventional classroom settings. These include: criticality and problem identification, teamwork and collective problem solving, participation and negotiation; reflective, propositive, and reflexive capacities, that eventually lead to individual and collective agency.

The Core facilitates learner engagement with the importance of being situated, committed, and empathetic, while handling situations outside one’s comfort zone and dealing with conflict.

Activity-based learning facilitates holistic human development, by enabling the learner to imbibe a set of sensibilities, grounded in Indian Constitutional values.


Currently, Core course layers touch on three themes:

Grow, Cook and Eat: sustainable agriculture, nutrition and food cultures

Build: sustainable building and work practices

Play: physical culture, teamwork and courage


The Core’s design means that the layers inform each other, have constant feedback to and from other courses, that are transacted in the Commons and Elective terms of the programme.