UFP Orientation

Every year, Fellows are officially welcomed to the Urban Fellows Programme in a day-long event. The spirit of diversity, inclusivity and interdisciplinarity of the UFP is emphasised and introduced to the Fellows through an official orientation ceremony, interactive conversations and fun-filled activities.

UFP Graduation

The UFP Graduation at IIHS is a day filled with ceremony, fun and recollections of the journey through the Programme. Faculty and staff across IIHS and the UFP attend this event to cheer the Fellows embarking on the next phases of their academic and professional lives.

IIHS Alumni Day

The IIHS Alumni day acknowledges the academic and professional achievements of graduating UFP Fellows in the presence of faculty and peers. It is a day for reunions and reconnections with alumni from previous batches who make the time to join the celebrations. We are not just proud of our Alumnus, who are engaged in various sectors across the globe, we take our commitment to them very seriously; we are also grateful that our alumni contribute their time and effort to IIHS – through the events that they attend; mentoring the current cohort as needed; enabling internship opportunities and the feedback that they provide to strengthen the programme.

Informal Events

Informal events include Fellows dinner with the Director of IIHS, net-working events, and gatherings with UFP Faculty at major academic milestones like presentations and term-end sessions. Eminent artists, authors, speakers and guests interact directly with the Fellows at the larger IIHS events, in Masterclasses and in specific sessions organised by UFP Faculty within different classes.

IIHS Events

IIHS is a vibrant hub of research, teaching and training programmes as well as multiple academic, cultural and interactive public events. IIHS regularly plays host to a diverse range of academics, practitioners, activists, artists, writers and government officials who frequently visit as part of the many curated events at IIHS. These include talks and seminars, conferences and workshops, exhibitions and screenings. Recent events at IIHS are the Urban Policy Dialogues (IIHS’ annual policy convening), Urban ARC (the annual IIHS research conference), the annual IIHS PhD workshop, City Scripts (IIHS’ annual urban writings festival), Urban Lens (IIHS’ annual film festival), IIHS Publics, and various Masterclasses.

Through its various activities and events, IIHS offers a unique opportunity to interact with urbanists from across the world working on diverse disciplinary and practice domains – including visiting scholars, interns, researchers, filmmakers, artists, writers, government officials, businesses, civil society, activists, and citizens.