The UFP is scholarship-based, nine month, full-time, inter-disciplinary and residential, delivered through seven months of in-class teaching at the IIHS City Campus in Bengaluru, followed by two months of internship placements in locations where a Fellow’s particular internship organisation is located.

  • Tuition fee for the UFP 2021-22 is INR 2 Lakhs for the entire programme, payable in three installments over the year. This fee includes all costs of travel for the UFP on Exposure Visits as well as expenditure on local and inter-city travel for UFP Practica and applied projects. Accommodation on a double sharing basis is available at no additional expense to all Fellows who receive admission.

  • Please note that all admitted Fellows will be asked to submit a Rs 20,000 deposit to secure their admission that will be adjusted against fees or, in the case of students who receive a scholarship will be refunded (subject to settlement of any dues) upon successful completion of the Fellowship. Fellows in financial need can request a deposit waiver that will be considered on a case by case basis at the time of admission to the UFP.

  • The UFP is committed to providing scholarships to candidates that receive admission, who are unable to pay the programme tuition, after a review of their financial needs. The programme is thus need-blind. A candidate’s selection and admission into the programme will not be affected by their ability to pay.

  • In addition to scholarships that cover tuition fees, there are a limited number of stipends available to cover daily living expenses for candidates with significant financial need. Candidates wishing to be considered for this will have a chance to indicate so in the admission forms.