A series of webinars hosted from 18 March to 13 April 2021 enabled interactions with IIHS faculty and Fellows.

If you’d like to know more about what being a Fellow at IIHS means, do watch the webinar sessions.

Topic Faculty Video Link
UFP Webinar | Introducing the Urban Fellows Programme Sudeshna Mitra Watch here
UFP Webinar | Fellowship Experiences Gautam Bhan NA
UFP Webinar | Admissions, Scholarships, COVID Contingencies Neha Sami Watch here
UFP Webinar | Practica and Projects Aditi Surie and Namrata Kapoor Watch here
UFP Webinar | Commons and Electives Sudeshna Mitra Watch here
UFP Webinar | Skill Labs Rekha Raghunathan and Teja Malladi Watch Here
UFP Webinar | Student Experiences Vrashali Khandelwal, Vivek D’souza, and Adarsh Tripathi Watch Here
UFP 2021-22 | Open Session Gautam Bhan Watch Here