A series of live interactions with IIHS faculty and Fellows were hosted on IIHS social media platforms in March and April 2023. Watch the videos provided here for more information about the 23-24 UFP and the experience of being a Fellow at IIHS.


To know more about the programme in its earlier iterations, watch the UFP webinars from the list below.

Title Faculty Links
Introducing the Urban Fellows Programme Sudeshna Mitra Watch Now
Fellowship Experiences + UFP Curriculum Gautam Bhan Watch Now
UFP 2022-23 | Admissions and Scholarships Neha Sami Watch Now
Campus Life and Internships Sudeshna Mitra Watch Now

Interactive Sessions with Alumni

A series of interactive sessions with IIHS Alumni will be hosted in March and April 2023. Watch this space for more information on this year’s schedule.

To know more about UFP from IIHS Alumni, watch the Instagram live from last year on the IIHS Instagram channel.

Title Alumni/Fellows Links

Interactive Session with Alumni – 1

Anuja Kadam, Malay Kotal and Amba Gupta Watch Now
Interactive Session with Alumni – 2 Riddhi D’souza, Sanjana Meshram and Vivek D’souza Watch Now
Interactive Session with Alumni – 3
Shravani Bolage, Vidyasagar Sharma and Devyani Ramamoorthy
 Watch Now

Topic: Introducing the Urban Fellows Programme

Faculty: Sudeshna Mitra

Topic: Admissions, Scholarships, COVID Contingencies

Faculty: Neha Sami

Topic: Practica and Projects

Faculty: Aditi Surie and Namrata Kapoor

Topic: Commons and Electives

Faculty: Sudeshna Mitra

Topic: Skill Labs

Faculty: Rekha Raghunathan and Teja Malladi

Topic: Student Experiences

Vrashali Khandelwal, Vivek D’souza, and Adarsh Tripathi

Topic: Open Session

Faculty: Gautam Bhan