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The Urban Fellows Programme (UFP) | 2019-20

India’s urban transition is unprecedented in scale and complexity. Within it lie both the opportunities of increased economic growth and employment as well as the challenges of persistent inequality, extreme deprivation and environmental degradation. Be a part of shaping this transition.

The UFP is a Scholarship-based, ten-month, full-time, residential, inter-disciplinary fellowship based at the IIHS City Campus in Bengaluru. It seeks to combine classroom-based teaching, site-based applied learning, work in live projects, and external internships to introduce the Fellows to diverse forms of urban practice. It is open to recent graduates and young professionals from varied educational backgrounds or practice domains.  The first batch of 30 Fellows graduated in May 2017. The second batch of 31 Fellows graduated in May 2018. The third batch of 35 Fellows will graduate in May 2019.

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Aspects of the UFP

Testimonials of Fellows

What is learning at IIHS like? Hear from our alumni in the videos below.


Urban Fellow, 2018-19


Urban Fellow, 2018-19


Urban Fellow, 2018-19


Urban Fellow, 2018-19


Urban Fellow, 2017-18


Urban Fellow, 2017-18


Urban Fellow, 2017-18


Urban Fellow, 2017-18


Urban Fellow, 2016-17


Urban Fellow, 2016-17


Urban Fellow, 2016-17


Urban Fellow, 2016-17

Hear from the experts

Know more about IIHS and the UFP from experts.
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C B Bhave

Chandrashekhar B Bhave
Board member, IIHS

Nandan Nilekani
Board member, IIHS

Aromar Revi
Director, IIHS

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